Wednesday, 29 February 2012

thank you lord!

We are back safe and sound from our amazing trip to Honduras. I had intended to write a lot more before we left but things got a bit hectic!

One week before we were supposed to leave I found out that I had shingles. My initial thought was - oh my goodness.. I'm not going to Honduras anymore. I was crushed. After some time to think about it and pray I realized that it was a direct attack from satan. To give a bit of background, I need to explain a past experience. When I was in grade 10 I went on a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico with our Church youth group. The entire trip was a horrible experience for me. All of my flights got messed up, my belongings were stolen and it was just an overall mess to me. When I got home I was quite shaken up from that and swore up and down to everyone I knew that I would NEVER go on another mission trip. I knew the entire situation was an attack from satan but I wasn't mature enough in my faith to realize that my attitude about it was letting him win! 

When Braden began the process of coming on staff with eMi he was told that part of the process would include me going on an eMi trip with him. When he told me this I was actually pretty calm about it. I knew that this was God's calling for our life and so I was alright with it. And actually became excited about it fairly quickly!

So - when I came down with Shingles and realized it was an attack from satan, I wasn't going to let him win this time. I immediately told Braden my attitude about the situation and he was excited that I felt that way! (Shingles is quite a miserable thing to get.. and I do not handle misery very well!!) I started praying, told all my family to start praying, called our Pastor and asked him to start praying. That next week I was completely exhausted and tried to sleep as much as I could to allow my body to fight off the sickness. And by the Friday that we left I was as good as new. It was such an amazing feeling to defeat satan like that. He thought he could get me that way - and a few years ago I would have though he could as well.

I am so grateful for every step of the process leading up to the trip. Satan fighting against me made me realize how much God wanted me to be on the trip. And that gave me an amazing feeling and reminder of knowing I was following the right path.

Our trip was life changing. We met people that we will be friends with forever and who have impacted our life in a way that will stay with us forever. I can't wait to write more details on here for you all and share some photos. Thank you so much for all of your prayers leading up to the trip and while we were away. 

I also need to tell you all that yesterday Braden found out how much we fundraised for our trip. We raised exactly $46 more than what we needed. What an amazing God we have! God could have easily given us a couple hundred dollars more than what we needed. But we believe this was God's way of showing us that he would provide exactly what was required. Thank you again for your prayers and support in that regard!

We love you all!

Love Liz

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