About Us

We were married in 2010 and already God has shown us some pretty amazing things. We would love for you to be a part of our journey as we head into full-time ministry. Please keep us in your prayers and check back often for updates!

Braden, a geomatics engineer, has felt called to a missions-based career since high school. In June 2011, after researching how he could combine his faith and his geomatics degree, Braden joined an eMi project trip to Mirebalais, Haiti, surveying 4 acres of land as part of a team serving Haiti’s Children’s Home. God opened his eyes to some amazing things in Haiti and began to pull his heart in a new direction—full-time staff with eMi. 

Braden volunteered on a second project trip to Danli, Honduras in February 2012, joined by his wife Liz. As the couple surveyed 65 acres of land for the Munoz Ministries’ future missionary base, this experience confirmed their own future with eMi.

Based in Calgary, Braden supports project leaders with his technical expertise, coordinates the many interns that flow through the eMi Canada office, and joins project trips when appropriate.

Liz has a diploma in Journalism Arts from SAIT in Calgary. She is currently working as an Assistant to a Realtor. She loves her job! She helps Braden with the blog and hopes to help out with eMi in the future using her Journalism skills.

Braden and Liz have one son and a dog named Mellie.

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