Thursday, 2 May 2013


Dear Friends,

Today is a huge milestone for Braden and I and we are very excited to share. Today was Braden's first day of work at eMi. Praise God! He has started half time there and will be in the office on Thursday and Friday's.

When we began this journey in 2011 I'm not quite sure we realized what it would completely entail. The ups and downs that we have experienced have honestly been amazing. God has shown us SO much about his love, mercy and his plans for our life. He has reminded us through it all that HE is the one in charge. We can make our plans, and we can make our decisions. But at the end of it all, He will be the decision maker. He will choose the outcome and the timing. 

There is something so beautiful about surrendering your life to Christ. There is also something so absolutely terrifying about it. I know I've mentioned this in previous posts, but God has really challenged us in every aspect of our life. We cannot simply choose the portions of our life we are going to let Him in on. He has challenged us to surrender it ALL to Him! From our finances, to the sale of our condo, to the purchase of our home! In so many ways life could be easier if Braden and I just chose what we were going to do without His guidance. It would make sense for Braden to continuing pursuing a secular career. He is incredibly intelligent and has the ability to make a 6 figure salary. But that isn't what God has called us to. He called us to do something different. Something that has been hard for us. But something that has been so absolutely beautiful and rewarding.

Today, Braden was able to start working for eMi because of God's amazing plan. He was able to begin because we have had an amazing group of people rally around us. People who have supported us financially and prayerfully. Thank you so much if you are reading this. Every prayer and cent that has been poured into us has gotten us to where we are today.

I want to ask specifically that you would pray that Braden would receive full funding within the next few months. It is incredible that he has begun half time, but the goal is still to get him to full time there. We have a ways to go - but we know God will provide it. 

God, you are SO good. You have been faithful to us. You have been merciful to us when we have doubted your plan. You have been there through it all. Thank you Father for your beautiful path for us. Thank you for continuing to bless Braden so that he can bless this ministry. 

A certain Chris Tomlin song has been playing through my head recently.
"And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?"

Please continue to pray for us. We are so thrilled about where God is taking our journey.